Extract of the IGASS statues adopted by the Essential Assembly held in Zurich in January 2007

Criteria to become a Member of IGASS

Art 4 Honorary members
Honorary members are selected by the Executive Board on the basis of their outstanding moral, intellectual or financial contributions to helping the association meet its objectives. Honorary members are exempt from paying dues.

Art 5 Active members
Active members are those who regularly take part in association projects and are committed to helping the association achieve its objectives. Active members also pledge to pay annual dues, whose amount is determined once a year by the Executive Board and approved by members at the General Assembly.

Art 6 Obligation of the members
The procedure for becoming a member of the association is as follows:

  • The applicant submits an application for membership.

All applicants wishing to become members of the association must be approved by the Executive Board, which reviews new applications each time it meets. The approved applications are submitted to the Annual Meeting, which votes on the collective admission of all the new members by a show of hands or, if requested by a member of the Meeting, by secret ballot.

Art 7 Admission, exclusion and loss of membership
The Executive Board makes decisions regarding the admission or exclusion of members. Applicants who have had their membership application rejected or members who have been excluded from the association may submit a written appeal for reconsideration to the General Assembly.

Reasons for loss of membership:

  • Death
  • Winding up or discontinuation of operations, depending on whether the member is an individual or legal entity.
  • Resignation, subject to the payment of all outstanding commitments and obligations due to the association.
  • Removal by the Executive Board for failure to pay dues or for some other serious reason, prior to which the member is invited to appear before the Board to discuss the facts cited for his or her possible removal.

Every member has the right to request immediate cancellation of membership on serious grounds.

Applications should be submitted to: