IGASS is the internationally recognised and time-honoured organisation providing top level case based education in spine surgery. IGASS arranges Forums on all continents in collaboration with national and local organisations and the implant industry.

Today there is a major need for placing modern spinal surgical techniques into a non-biased sound clinical perspective. IGASS teachers are active surgeons based at centers for spinal surgery at internationally renowned Universities, all with extensive experience of surgery as well as research. They are highly selected and capable of making the most complex clinical problem easy to understand.

The distinguished faculty from all over the world runs the IGASS Forums, now given globally. The Forums are always based on case discussions set in the framework of Evidence Based Medicine. Standard cases as well as the most complicated pathologies and advanced surgical solutions are presented and discussed in detail by the Faculty with, most importantly, the attendees taking an active part.

The feedback after the Forums typically shows a high level of appreciation and satisfaction from the attendees. The IGASS Forums are free from commercial presentations and workshops, but can be followed by industry activities that are separate from the Forums.

Annually an IGASS Forum is held in connection with the Spine Society of Europe (EuroSpine), a meeting in which the entire IGASS Scientific Board is present, our highlight of the year.

IGASS Fellowships including short, middle and long term stays at international centers for spine surgery are organized by the IGASS.

The free interchange of ideas originating from the complexity which so much characterizes spinal surgery is the spirit of IGASS, and everybody caring for spine patients is warmly welcome to the IGASS Forums and to apply for fellowships.

President: Martin Gehrchen, Denmark
Past President: Bernhard Meyer, Germany
Vice President: Dominique A. Rothenfluh, United Kingdom
General Secretary/ Scientific Committee: Sebastien Charosky, France
Treasurer: René Schmidt, Germany

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