9th Igass Forum


The 12th annual IGASS Forum held in Barcelona on the day before Eurospine 2018 will focus on spinal infections and encompass specific and unspecific infections of the spine. There will be 4 sessions:

1. Specific Infections, e.g. tuberculosis
2. Unspecific spontaneous infections, e.g. spondylodiscitis, spondylitis
3. Early acute infections, e.g. postoperative deep wound infections
4. Late infections, e.g. low- grade, implant-associated infections

We encourage early submission of cases which fall in one of the above-mentioned categories.
We are looking for cases which present a challenge from either a diagnostic or therapeutic point of view and provide clear learning points for the participants.

Please provide the title of your case presentation with a concise description.
The IGASS Executive Committee will then select the cases for presentation at the Forum.

Deadline for submission: August 15, 2018
By email to Anke HUBER-JEROME. For case presentations, please follow the link to the PowerPoint template.

You may use your own layout, but should follow the structure of the template.

The IGASS Executive Committee.

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