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Centre Toulousain du Rachis Polyclinique du Parc

Centre Toulousain du Rachis Polyclinique du Parc Toulouse
31 rue des Bûchers 31400 Toulouse, France 


+33 5 61 36 69 23 / +33 5 61 36 69 22


+33 5 61 36 69 27

E-mail: dr.sebastien.charosky@gmail.com



Program director

Dr. Sebastien Charosky



The Polyclinique du Parc is a private hospital of the Capio Group located in Toulouse.

The Centre Toulousain du Rachis is a group of 3 orthopedic spine surgeons performing all aspects of orthopedic spinal pathology with a focus on adult deformity. Anterior approaches, long posterior constructs and osteotomies are frequent.

However, simple degenerative procedures like micro-discectomies and single level fusions are also performed.

What can a fellow expect?

Surgeries are performed by 2 surgeons and scheduling depends on how busy the practice is during the season.

Typically surgeries are performed on Monday Thursday and Friday.

The fellow will be able to observe and eventually scrub depending on the regulations and number of fellows attending. Assisting to outpatient clinic is available for one fellow at a time.

Accommodation is not available in the hospital.

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