Case presentations

2nd IGASS Forum
“Aging Spine and Adjacent Level after Surgery”
Hotel Intercontinental Geneva
May 25, 2008

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1/ SESSION Degenerative Biomechanics
Introduction Adjacent Syndroms JM VITAL
2/ SESSION Deformities
Introduction Adjacent levels after surgery for Scoliosis N PASSUTI
Thoracic Curve Thoracic Curve Ph BANCEL
Thoracic/Lumbar Curve Thoracic/Lumbar Curve A KAELIN
Adjacent Segment Degeneration A SHANNAK
Kyphosis Postoperative Kyphosis C CARSTENS
Scheuermann Kyphosis L KAPLAN
Cervical Thoracic Tubercolosis severe A MUSHKIN
Kyphosis in Children (1) A KAELIN
Kyphosis in Children (2) A KAELIN
Adjacent Level after Kyphosis Correction A VAN OOIJ
Lumbar Curve Degenerative Lumbar Scoliosis D CHOPIN
AS after localized Surgery in Lumbar Scoliosis JM VITAL
Double Curves Late effect after Fusion if AIS double curve R HEDLUND
Double Curves A HAMZAOGLU
3/ SESSION Degenerative
Introduction The adjacent Level after Surgery in Degenerative Cases Ph GILLET
Disc Prothesis Disc Degeneration above a Disc Prothesis A VAN OOIJ
Disc Prothesis M BRAYDA BRUNO
Multi Levels Multi Levels A HAMZAOGLU
Multi Levels A KAELIN
Upper Levels Upper Levels Ph GILLET
Lower Levels Double Major Curve Ph BANCEL
Vertebro/Kyphoplasty Management of Osteoporotic Fractures A ALANAY
Cascade Adjacent Level Cascade JP STEIB
A dramatic Case C BUENGER
4/ SESSION Trauma
Single Fracture Fracture sequelae – L1 Necrosis R HEDLUND
Multiple Fractures Multiple Fractures C VILLANUEVA
Ancylosing Spondylitis Ancylosing Spondylitis R GAHR
Ancylosing Spondylitis K S LAM
Osteoporosis A Case of Multilevel Fractures in Osteoporosis JM VITAL
Osteoporotic Fractures C VILLANUEVA
Osteoporotic Fractures Ph BANCEL
5/ SESSION Spondylolyse
Introduction Long term outcome of fused and conservatively treated Spondylolisthesis R HEDLUND
Children Spondylolyse – Children A HAMZAOGLU
Adult Spondylolyse – Adult C BUENGER
Reconstruction/Fusion Reconstruction/Fusion Ph GILLET
Adult Isthmic Spondylisthesis N PASSUTI
A Fracture of posterior graft 50 yrs after fusion for a Spondylolisthesis grade 3? R CAVAGNA
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